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7 Travel Snacks and Food To Go!

Travel Snacks

Going on vacation? Traveling someplace fabulous? Headed to the beach for a weekend away? No matter your summer plans, you’re going to need something to eat.

In case you haven’t heard, Secret Ingredient prepares travel snacks and food to go. We usually cook in your home–and we still do. The difference is we can pack your snacks and meals into a cooler to accompany your adventures. It’s like taking a personal chef on vacation with you!

Personalized Snacks & Food To Go

If you have a food allergy, dietary restriction or picky eater in the house, traveling can actually seem daunting. You know it will be fun, but finding a restaurant that the whole family will love can be a chore. You either spend the trip indulging on fried foods or you stay safe with the same leafy green salad day after day.

Instead, trade the stress for real, whole foods to go. In addition to savory meals like lemon chicken, shrimp with sausage and marinated meats, we’ll make you:

  1. Green salads featuring fresh veggies like arugula, snap peas, golden beets and grilled corn. No boring greens here.
  2. Pasta salads filled with tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and feta cheese for a Mediterranean bowl of goodness.
  3. Vegetarian succotash prepared with seasonal ingredients. This can be served as a main meal or side dish.
  4. Grain dishes, such as quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, farro and fun combinations. We can leave them plain for pairing with meals or transform them into quick and easy entrees.
  5. Energizing snacks like mini muffins, trail mix and green smoothies that will keep you going until your next meal.
  6. Paleo desserts for the times you need a little pick me up. Zucchini bread, tropical power bites and almond butter cookies are client favorites.
  7. Anything else you wish! That’s the beauty of having a personal chef prep all of your meals. You don’t have to compromise on your likes or dislikes or feel bad asking for adjustments to a menu item. We’ll happily customize food to go just for you!

Summer is in full swing, so call now to book your vacation meals and travel snacks. If you’re an existing client, let us know a few weeks in advance and we’ll swap your regular order for a to go order.