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Snack Attack! Creative Snacks Are the Latest Food Trend

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You ate breakfast this morning and had a decent lunch at noon, but by 3:00, you find yourself dreaming of dinner. You need a snack–but don’t reach for something unhealthy!

Here at Secret Ingredient, we’re on top of the latest trends in food and cooking. We’ve noticed that grazing throughout the day is becoming more popular, especially in the form of healthy snacks. So, if you’re feeling those daily pangs for a little something extra, you’re not alone.

Rather than reaching for the typical granola bar or apple, however, it’s time to get creative with your afternoon snacks. Below are some of our favorite snack ideas we often make for our personal chef clients (or munch on in our own spare time!).

Noodle and rice bowls: Make a big batch of noodles or rice to keep on hand during the week. To make a snack out of it, add a small portion to warm chicken broth and top with a handful of veggies, Sriracha, or whatever herbs and garnishes you’d like. It’s perfectly satisfying on cool Fall days or when you’re just in the mood for comfort food.

Simple nachos: Upgrade your chips and dip by melting some shredded cheese on tortilla chips. Then, add quick toppings like black olives, black beans, guacamole or salsa. Or, change it up by swapping corn chips for sweet potato chips.

Avocado toast: There’s no need to wait for Sunday brunch to enjoy your avocado toast! Along with mashed or sliced avocado, try adding sliced eggs, goat cheese, roasted garlic or smoked salmon to the mix. The healthy fats from the avocado will keep you full and energized until your next meal.

Snacks for dinner: Looking for a creative dinner idea? Let easy, healthy snacks serve as your evening meal tonight! Put out a platter of fresh fruit and vegetables, a few different dips, and an assortment of meats and cheeses. Let everyone pick and choose what they want from the spread.

Dreaming of More Creative Snack Ideas?

Let Secret Ingredient set you up with easy-to-eat, satisfying snacks to enjoy throughout your week! If you’re already a personal chef client with us, ask us about adding snacks to your weekly meal plan. Not yet a client? Contact us to set up a meal and snack plan tailored to your tastes and needs! [link]