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All About Lamb: How to Select, Prepare and Enjoy It This Spring

spring lamb

Spring lamb is finally here! As a chef with Greek roots, this is my all-time favorite type of meat–and it’s a must on Easter Sunday.

When preparing spring lamb, it’s best to keep it simple. It is, after all, a very flavorful meat. In my family, we stick to the basics with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic and oregano (no mint jelly, please!).

Want the secret? Here’s our favorite way of selecting and cooking spring lamb.

Step One: Choose a Cut

If you’re feeding a lot of people, you’ll probably want to choose a large cut like the leg. Look for one with the bone and outer fat layer still intact, which ensures better flavor and texture. For other occasions, try lamb chops, racks or shanks.

Bonus tip: Want to keep it super simple (and inexpensive)? Go for ground lamb stuffed peppers, which we Greeks call yestima.

Step Two: Choose Seasonings

Unlike most meat, lamb doesn’t need a marinade to enhance its flavor. Actually, marinades tend to toughen lamb meat! Dress the lamb leg (or other cut) with olive oil and coat it with your favorite seasoning combination. You can’t go wrong with oregano, lemon juice, salt and pepper. You can even make thin slices on the surface and dot them with garlic cloves.

Step Three: Cook It Slowly

Most cuts of lamb (leg included) turn out well when cooked under low heat for a long time. Briefly broil both sides of the leg until brown on the outside. Cover with foil and bake it for an hour at 325° F (for medium-rare). Keep in mind that the meat will continue to cook a little after you’ve removed it from the oven.

Using lamb shanks? Try braising them in the slow cooker with red wine! After several hours, you’ll have meat that positively melts in your mouth and falls off the bone.

Step Four: Add Spring Lamb to Your Next Menu

Even if you’re new to spring lamb, our chefs can add it to your next meal plan as part of our personal chef services. We can also feature it as the centerpiece of your Easter brunch this year with our boutique catering services. Make the request and we’ll do the rest!