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Why We Love Healthy Wraps

Feb 13, 2019

Are you tired of your usual sandwich? Add a little variety to your lunch-time routine with a healthy wrap. They are quick and easy to prepare and you can add your favorite veggies and protein.  Wraps are a great way to get a complete and balanced meal onto your plate. Plus, they don’t require a […]

Soups and Stews – Perfect For The Winter, Perfect For You!

Jan 10, 2019

It might be cold outside but Secret Ingredient will help you stay warm all winter long with our favorite soups and stews.  What is there not to love about a good soup or stew during the harsh winter months? They are easy, convenient, healthy and satisfying. Soups and stews are the best one pot meal and […]

How To Throw The Perfect Holiday Party

Nov 14, 2018

The holiday season is quickly approaching which means plenty of festive parties and home entertaining.  A holiday party is the perfect way to get together with friends, acquaintances and loved ones to celebrate. However hosting the perfect party can certainly be a little overwhelming. Organization is the the key to ensuring a stress-free event.  We […]

Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Oct 9, 2018

There are some mornings it seems impossible to get out the door on time. It’s easy during the morning rush to skip breakfast altogether or grab something on your way. Often those quick breakfast options are full of unwanted calories and sugar and leave you starving by mid-morning and set you up for overeating later […]

Stir Fries – A Great Dinner Solution For Busy Weeknights

Sep 26, 2018

Stir fries are a great dinner solution for busy weeknights.  This healthy cooking technique is a great way to get fresh ingredients on your table quickly.  Stir fry dishes usually combine lean meats and a variety of fresh vegetables.  These dishes promote a healthy diet and really allow the cook to add the ingredients, flavors […]

A Tour of Northern Spain

Sep 13, 2018

I just spent 2 glorious weeks in Northern Spain, wine tasting in Rioja and walking on the infamous Camino de Santiago.      Spain truly offers some of the best wine in the world and is always a culinary adventure for me.      The Spanish really know how to live and we took full […]

Back To School

Aug 22, 2018

It’s that time of year with summer coming to an end and everyone starting to focus on back to school, cooler temperatures and busy fall schedules.  I am really excited for my upcoming trip to Rioja, Spain that I have been planning for two years. Stay tuned for my September blog about Rioja, the culture and […]

Eating Healthy On Vacation

Jul 31, 2018

Healthy eating while on vacation can be a challenge.  Who doesn’t want to indulge a little and experience all the local food favorites your destination has to offer.  However a week of overeating can take its toll leaving you feeling worse then when you left. Here are our tips for truly enjoying your getaway and […]

Summer on Cape Cod

Jul 18, 2018

Cape Cod is a popular summer destination for families and is steeped in tradition.  With over 560 miles of coastline and over 50 public beaches, Cape Cod is a beach-lovers dream.  It is also a seafood-lovers haven.  Seafood is in abundance on the Cape; from lobster rolls, New England clam chowder, steamed clams, oysters and haddock, […]

Farm Fresh Strawberries

Jun 27, 2018

Each year I anticipate the arrival of strawberry season.  When these colorful, sweet, ripe beauties hit my local farmers’ markets I know it means warm weather, summer fun and lots of other fresh produce on the way. Health Benefits Not only are strawberries one of the most sweet and delicious fruits but they are also […]

Travel Snacks

7 Travel Snacks and Food To Go!

Jun 21, 2018

Going on vacation? Traveling someplace fabulous? Headed to the beach for a weekend away? No matter your summer plans, you’re going to need something to eat. In case you haven’t heard, Secret Ingredient prepares travel snacks and food to go. We usually cook in your home–and we still do. The difference is we can pack […]

Stuck In A Salad Rut?

Jun 6, 2018

Salads are great this time of year for a number of reasons: most produce is in season, they help bring more vegetables into your diet and they keep you from slaving over a stove when that is the last thing we want to do as the weather warms up.  Salads can be the perfect choice […]

Arugula: Our Favorite Spring Green

May 16, 2018

At Secret Ingredient we love the fresh peppery flavor of arugula. Arugula is an early spring green here in Pennsylvania and is extremely versatile. Did You Know? Arugula is packed with vitamins C, K and A as well as minerals magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. Arugula is also known for improving eyesight and strengthening bone […]

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

May 2, 2018

Want to spoil the special mothers in your life with a real treat this Mother’s Day?  Hire Secret Ingredient to prepare a wonderful homemade brunch in the comfort of your own home.  No waiting in line at a fancy restaurant or dealing with the crowds. Prix-fixe menus and inflated prices seem so…impersonal. You want Mom […]

Swing Into Spring Catering

Apr 18, 2018

As the weather warms up many of us begin to think about entertaining more.  A wine dinner is a great way to get your friends together and enjoy a delicious meal and tasty wines. As a chef, I’ve developed a fondness for wine and the way it enhances meals so beautifully. Many people assume that […]

The Smart Choice For You And Your Family – Secret Ingredient Personal Chef Services.

Apr 4, 2018

Few people take the time to track and tally their food purchases each month.  If they did, however, they may find they’re spending a lot more on food than they realize – especially if they dine out more than once or twice per week. Simplify Your Life At Secret Ingredient Personal Chef Service not only […]

Hosting a Wine Tasting Dinner

Feb 28, 2018

There’s always a reason to celebrate your close friends and family, and hosting a wine tasting dinner could be the perfect alternative to your usual evenings in! Pairing wine with each dish adds an entirely new experience to the meal. Introducing elegantly paired wines to a dinner party can easily make an intimate event even […]

Making Family Menus with Heart

Feb 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day isn’t just candy hearts and candlelight dinners (although those things are always fun!) It’s also taking good care of the people you love. February is American Heart Month, which makes it a great time to make some heart-healthy changes to your family meal plan. I love it when you can make healthy changes […]

Winter Comfort Foods That Won’t Wreck Your Resolution

Jan 31, 2018

When it’s cold and blustery outside, we crave comfort – which means comfort food, too. Unfortunately, that often means foods full of fat, sugar and processed ingredients. But food doesn’t have to be bad for your body to be good for your soul. We believe nutritious, delicious food made from wholesome fresh ingredients is the […]

Keep It Cozy: Why a Small Party Can Make a Big Impression

Jan 17, 2018

When you’re hosting a party, you want it to be an event everyone will remember. But “Go big or go home!” isn’t always best. Ironically, it’s often smaller, more intimate gatherings which make the biggest impression on guests. Here are three good reasons why you might want to keep things cozy at your next get-together. […]

healthy meals

The Secret to Rocking Your Resolutions

Jan 8, 2018

It’s hard to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. You have the best of intentions, but life gets busy. If you had all the time in the world, you would get to the gym, prepare healthy meals, and learn how to speak Spanish. But time is a commodity these days. It’s rare that we have […]

Healthy Baking Recipes

4 Essential Ingredients for Healthy Holiday Baking

Dec 12, 2017

Are you excited for holiday baking season? I sure am! I love cookies, brownies, and festive treats. But I don’t love all the excess sugar, gluten, and dairy that come along with them. These ingredients don’t always agree with me, so I stock my pantry with healthier alternatives to make wholesome desserts and snacks. It’s […]

party food

Top 4 Party Food Trends for the Holiday Season

Nov 29, 2017

You’re still finishing up your Thanksgiving leftovers—but the holiday season is just getting started! With December on our heels, it’s time to start planning those all-important holiday parties. The holidays are an opulent season, so there’s no better way to celebrate than with stylish food and drink. From locally sourced fare to exquisitely paired wines, […]

3 ways to reduce stress

3 Ways to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

Nov 15, 2017

Stuck in line at the DMV? Come down with a nasty cold? Watch another piece of upsetting news? Sometimes life hits us…hard! In today’s crazy world it’s easy to be drawn to all the negativity that surrounds us. But even when we’re feeling completely anxious and overwhelmed, we all still have so much to be […]

Thanksgiving catering

4 Ways to Simplify Your Thanksgiving Strategy

Nov 1, 2017

Happy November! Can you believe Turkey Day is right around the corner? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it’s all about the food! I also love it because it provides a rare opportunity to see my family and friends from all over the country. Though the holidays are a time of celebration […]

One-pan meals

One Pot. One Pan. Four Easy Recipes.

Oct 18, 2017

What are you going to make for dinner tonight? During the busy days of summer, I prepared a lot of refreshing and stylish salads for my clients. In the fall and winter, it’s not always as easy, as hearty roasted meats and root vegetables tend to take longer to cook. But they’re not any more […]

Boutique catering services

Too Stressed to Host a Party? Enlist Our Catering Services!

Oct 4, 2017

Are you already overwhelmed by your holiday plans? Or are you stressing over ways to celebrate your husband’s 40th birthday—which happens to fall just three days before Thanksgiving? Hosting a memorable party is hard. And the holiday season makes it even more difficult to throw a sophisticated and personalized affair. Inviting guests, accommodating food allergies, […]

Healthy recipes

2 Powerful Ingredients + 6 Healthy Recipes

Sep 20, 2017

I’m always looking for new ways to add healthy ingredients to my meals. Lately, I’ve been working with matcha green tea powder and fresh ginger. Not only are they both highly nutritious, but they also impart unique flavors to anything you add them to. Below are just a few of the benefits of matcha and […]

snack ideas

Snack Attack! Creative Snacks Are the Latest Food Trend

Sep 6, 2017

You ate breakfast this morning and had a decent lunch at noon, but by 3:00, you find yourself dreaming of dinner. You need a snack–but don’t reach for something unhealthy! Here at Secret Ingredient, we’re on top of the latest trends in food and cooking. We’ve noticed that grazing throughout the day is becoming more […]

meal deal

The Back-to-School Meal Deal That Will Save You Time

Aug 23, 2017

I had a really fun summer! And it’s not quite over yet. I have a trip to the Canadian Rockies coming up—and I plan on hiking, unplugging and connecting with nature. But I know that when the trip ends, it’s back to hustle mode! Getting back to school and a routine after a relaxing, sunny […]