Secret Ingredient


Personal chef Chris Welsh is the Executive Chef and Owner of Secret Ingredient and is the talented cook behind your highly nutritious and personalized meals. She believes that the secret to living a healthy and balanced life starts with wholesome food.

Chef Chris Welsh developed her passion for food at a young age when she cooked with her Greek mother and grandmother, and learned how to make old world and gourmet meals.

She turned her love of food into a full-time business and opened Secret Ingredient in 2001. For over 15 years, she has helped dozens of busy families, professionals, those with dietary needs, and people recovering from illness, save time and eat healthier.


Chef Chris Welsh

When she’s not experimenting with new flavors and ingredients or hosting dinner parties, Chef Chris is attending yoga classes and going on retreats to keep her life as balanced and healthy as the meals she prepares for her clients.

We believe that food should be nourishing, calming and healing….a gift for the soul.  Let us take you on that journey.

Chris Welsh is a member of the USPCA

“My Wife and I both work and our two children each participate in multiple extra-curricular evening activities so there is very little if any time to prepare a meal before we have to run out the door. Our family’s ultra-busy lifestyle was not very conducive to healthy eating and we found ourselves often grabbing fast-food before shuffling off to that evening’s activity.

“Now imagine a world where you come home to a freezer full of enticing restaurant quality entrees of your choosing and where you simply put one out to before going to work and then quickly heat-up the meal in the evening.

“Chris is delightful to work with, reaches out to us before her monthly visit with seasonal meal suggestions, and not only leaves our kitchen cleaner than how she found it but with a wonderful lingering odor of fantastic dinners to come.”

Paul – Malvern, PA