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The Smart Choice For You And Your Family – Secret Ingredient Personal Chef Services.

Few people take the time to track and tally their food purchases each month.  If they did, however, they may find they’re spending a lot more on food than they realize – especially if they dine out more than once or twice per week.

Simplify Your Life

At Secret Ingredient Personal Chef Service not only can we save you time and simplify your life but we can save you money too.  We know that meal preparation can be a total nuisance. We offer personalized meals prepared for you with no fuss, no mess.   We prepare fresh, home-cooked meals in your kitchen, taking the stress out of dinner-time, saving you time and helping you to avoid ordering unhealthy take-out.  Our service includes, personalized menu planning, grocery shopping, full meal preparation and packaging, leaving with you healthy meals in your fridge or freezers with easy-to-follow heating and serving instructions.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans on average, spend around 6% of their budget on food.  In addition, they also spend 5% of their disposable income on dining out. That means most Americans spend 11% of their total income on food.  Did you know that the average American throws away about 25% of food and beverages purchased? Food waste can be significantly decreased by menu planning, recipe selection and proper storage but all these things take time which is a commodity in today’s World.

Many Americans have turned to food delivery kits.  These companies offer everything you need to prepare a meal for your family – pre-measured ingredients, simple recipes and upfront cost per serving.  Though convenient these kits still require prep, cooking and cleanup which for many is still a lot to take on after a long day of work or running around with the family.

The Smart Choice

We believe Secret Ingredient is truly the best choice for busy, health-conscious families. We provide personalized meals that help you reach your health goals. Not only will Secret Ingredient help you improve your physical health with better nutrition but we will help with your mental health too by eliminating the stress of navigating crowds at the grocery store or busy restaurants. Our goal is to save you precious time normally spent on shopping, prep, cleanup and going out by cooking great meals in the comfort of your own home. Allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

Please take a look at Secret Ingredient’s website for sample menus and pricing.  Contact us today, to swing into spring, with a healthy, cost-saving solution for you and your family.