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Soups and Stews – Perfect For The Winter, Perfect For You!

It might be cold outside but Secret Ingredient will help you stay warm all winter long with our favorite soups and stews.  What is there not to love about a good soup or stew during the harsh winter months? They are easy, convenient, healthy and satisfying.

Soups and stews are the best one pot meal and only get better with time. They are easy to prep, easy to freeze and make great heat and eat meals that you get on the table quickly.  You can store them in individual portions for weeknights or prepare a large batch in advance for entertaining. They pair wonderfully with a salad or a fresh, crusty slice of bread. 

Classic Minestrone

However, our favorite thing about soups and stews are their many health benefits:

Easy Way to Consume Vegetables

Many soup and stew recipes include a number of vegetables but feel free to add some of your favorites in addition. This is a great way to reach your recommended daily intake of vegetables.  And remember they don’t always have to be fresh, using frozen or canned products will do the trick.

They Are Filling

Due to the high water content, they fill you up and make you satisfied while consuming less calories.  Be sure to stay clear of recipes that are cream or cheese based to curb calories. 

Rich in Nutrients

Soups and Stews made with beans, vegetables and lean meats are high in protein and fiber.  They are a great low-fat choice and full of vitamins.  The good thing is that unlike other cooking methods, soups don’t lose their nutritional value since all the ingredients stay cooked in the water or broth and nothing is disposed of.

Do we have you craving a steaming bowl of soup yet? If you are trying to eat healthier this winter or trying to find yourself some extra time – soups and stews are your answer.

Hungarian Beef Stew

Soups and stews are so versatile that they can accommodate all dietary needs.  It is easy to prepare a great plant-based soup, filled with hearty vegetables and legumes for any vegan diet.  Ingredients can definitely be substituted to make most recipes gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free or vegetarian.  If you search the internet there are dozens of blogs and websites that provide soup and stew recipes specific to a variety of meal plans. If preparing your own soups and stews this winter has you overwhelmed, Secret Ingredient can help!  We specialize in preparing delcious, healthy dishes geared towards each of our clients’ specific needs. 

Asian Shrimp and Veggie Noodle Bowl

Still not convinced?  Contact Secret Ingredient today and let us save you even more time by preparing a freezer full of soups and stews for you and your family at your next or first cook date.