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How to Do a Spring Cleanse Without Going Hungry

spring cleanse salad

Spring means it’s time to ditch the heavy comfort foods and enjoy lighter, more refreshing fare. With produce like strawberries, spinach and lettuce in season, there’s plenty to eat without missing the mac ‘n cheese too much.

Cleanses are popular this time of year, but extreme measures like the Master Cleanse or juice fasting are usually unnecessary. If you don’t want to survive on vegetable juice for a week (or more), there are simpler and gentler ways to do a spring cleanse.

My Daily Detox Plan

Increasing your vegetable intake is the name of the game for a spring cleanse. Whether you eat them raw or steamed, consume a variety of veggies (especially the green, leafy ones). Pay a visit to your local farmers market to see what’s popping up in the fields lately. Try a new vegetable like dandelion greens or green garlic if you’re feeling adventurous.

Making some easy changes to your diet will leave you feeling better and more energetic as the weather warms up. There’s so much to do during these long days—it’s important to eat nourishing food that will support your activities!

Here’s a snapshot of my daily spring cleanse (no hunger strike required):

  • Start your day with lemon water, followed by fruit and nuts, or maybe a smoothie with protein powder. Don’t forget to add a pinch of spinach to the smoothie or try my favorite Green Smoothie recipe.
  • Sip green tea mid-morning or in the afternoon, and switch to chamomile tea in the evening to relax. Green tea is a natural detoxifier and provides just enough caffeine for a boost of energy.
  • Eat a hefty salad with steamed veggies for lunch. Mix it up with arugula or mustard greens for a spicy kick.
  • Serve protein and veggies for dinner, such as chicken breast with grilled asparagus and radishes. We can help by providing fresh and healthy dinners for you and your family any day of the week.

Plan Ahead for Seasonal Events

This is also the time to start looking at the calendar and mapping out your late spring and early summer plans. Got a Mother’s Day brunch, graduation party or wedding shower in mind? Book our personal chef services for your party and let us lighten up the menu with fresh, seasonal ingredients!