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The Secret to Great Vacation Meals (Hint: They’re Not From a Restaurant!)

Vacation Meals

It’s summertime and I’m ready to hit the beach!

I have such fond memories of trips to the beach when I was a kid, and I love taking weekend trips there with family and friends now, too.

The one thing I don’t love about beach vacations?

Dealing with the food.

After a few hours of sunbathing and splashing around in the water, I end up starving and indulging in junky snacks from beachside food stands. When it’s time for dinner, I often find all the restaurants are packed or have long wait times. And I don’t want to spend my whole trip standing in line!

The Secret to Great, Ready-to-Eat Vacation Meals

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a better way to handle the food situation when I’m on vacation. I pack ready-to-go meals and snacks in my cooler so that I have healthy goodies to munch on throughout the day. No more wasting money at tourist-trap restaurants or listening to my stomach growl while waiting for a table!

Secret Ingredient’s personal chef services can prepare beach-ready meals for your next vacation, so you don’t need to spend precious time or money at the mercy of restaurants. And it’s especially beneficial if you follow a restrictive diet or have food allergies.

All of our meals pack perfectly in a cooler. Whether you want lemon chicken with potatoes or shrimp boil with chicken sausage, foil packets are ready to throw on the grill—and there’s no cleanup involved! Marinated meats and gourmet burgers are also popular requests. Easy to freeze, easy to thaw, these options make cooking on vacation a breeze.

No Stress, No Mess

There’s nothing less appealing than the thought of spending your whole vacation cooking and washing dishes. Didn’t you plan this getaway specifically because you wanted a break from your daily routine?

Relax and enjoy your time off. Let us prep your vacation meals before you go, so you can eat well and have fun.

  • If you’re a current client, just give us your travel dates and we’ll plan a personalized menu for you. There’s no need to skip a week. Simply replace your regular order with a to-go order.
  • If you’re not yet a client, contact us to get your meals lined up for your next trip.